Health & Safety

Asco Engineering has a proactive approach to Health and Safety and is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and site visitors. A safe and healthy working environment is a core part of company culture at Asco Engineering.

Our Health and Safety Management Systems follows the HSG65 model, planning and setting standards, measuring outcomes of risk assessments and audits, reviewing results, and implementing any required improvements.

This Management System ensures all aspects of the site, equipment; machinery and software are all fully maintained to provide maximum safety and comfort of those using the sites facilities with zero accidents as our ultimate goal.

All employees are provided with a thorough Health and Safety training schedule providing training, instruction and supervision with complete PPE as necessary to secure their health and safety within the working environment. All employees at Asco Engineering share responsibility for ensuring the site operates safely, efficiently and effectively.

Health and Safety policies and procedures are continuously monitored, reviewed and updated periodically or more frequently where required.